A Look at Phased Construction

Since the SFB acknowledged the need for additional facilities to accommodate the current high school’s growing student body, the City of Maricopa has started construction on the Second High School for its ever-growing city. Located on Farrell and Murphy Road, Phase I construction will include a two-story classroom building, gymnasium, locker rooms, weight rooms & cafeteria. Building C, a two-story classroom, is nearly topped out and structural steel will soon follow – allowing the roof to start and finishes shortly after. Building G, the cafeteria and gymnasium with its ancillary rooms, is following behind building C with the exterior walls going vertical.

To support the staff and student population, a 6,000 SF student services building is being fast-tracked to start in December and scheduled to complete at the same time as Building C and G, in July of 2022. The student services building will house many of the campus’s faculty and will include a library and grand entrance. 

Phase II, following right behind Phase I, will include the construction of additional sporting facilities and classrooms. The sporting facilities will include a football stadium, track and field complex, baseball and softball fields with additional parking. The football field and 9-lane track complex will have bleachers for spectators and a field house with locker rooms containing weight and training facilities for the athletes. As with many sporting facilities, a restroom and concession facility will be provided for spectators watching the games. Phase II will also include an addition to the student services building. The addition will include a media, lecture, and commons area for continued education and support. Phase III includes additional sporting and educational facilities. As the school continues to grow, student interests will also. Phase III will bring musical arts, career, and technical education to the campus. A competition gymnasium complex will be added to building G and will host a double court gymnasium, gym lobby, trainers’ suite, wrestling, and additional locker rooms. The football field and 9-lane track complex will be upgraded to contain tennis courts, additional baseball and softball fields, and grandstand seating.

As Maricopa’s second high school is under construction, future phases have a large emphasis on sporting and educational facilities to provide continued education and support to the surrounding communities youth.